Project Greenlight was a reality show that ran for three seasons in the early 2000's. Over 6,000 scripts were submitted for the 2005 season. The first cut narrowed that down to 1,000. I survived that cut, but not the second, which (I believe) brought the number down to 100. I was pretty proud, not bad for my first screenplay, and I was glad for the opportunity.

I got the idea when we had a bomb threat at the school I taught at, and I and a few other teachers were recruited to search lockers to see if there really was a bomb in one of them. I'm happy to say there wasn't one, but the idea had been implanted.

Basic plot: A disgruntled ex-student plants a bomb in a locker at his former high school. The bomb is on a timer, and students and teachers are constantly nearby. The screenplay shifts focus from one room to another in the area around the bomb, and is written to play fairly close to real time, a couple of hours in an ordinary day (that just happens to have a bomb on a timer in it).

Click on the links in the right column to read three excerpts from the screenplay. They are pdf files, and will open in Adobe Reader.

If you have some interest in producing this screenplay, or representing me, please e-mail me and I'll send you the full script.

An Ordinary Day

Excerpt 1 - Title pages and pages 1-5. In the first few pages we are introduced to the Creep, Danny Bolzer (the bad guy), Jennnifer Goodson, Patti McCarty, and Norman Cooper (most of the primary teenage characters), and Alan Jennings and Rita Campbell (two of the teachers at the school). We learn that the Creep is making a bomb, that Norman wants to date Jennifer, and that Alan and Rita are involved with each other.

Excerpt 2 - Pages 11-20. Patti and Jennifer arrive at school, as does James Knox (troublemaker-in-training). Mr. Jennings and Ms. Campbell arrive in the same car, and are hoping no one will notice. Norman corners Jennifer in the hall and asks her out. The Creep wanders the hallway, looking for the right locker for his bomb (just outside Rita's room). James hydroplanes on the hallway floor.

Excerpt 3 - Pages 53-57. James has been sent to the office (big surprise). He flirts with Ms. Davis (hot school secretary). Back in the hallway, he sets off the fire alarm.

Things escalate from there. The bomb is ticking down. When will it go off?

If some of the terms in the script look unfamiliar, like INT or BEAT, take a look at these few screenwriting terms.