Second Page of Random Thoughts

6. Nighttime Scribbles

For many years I kept a pen and a pad of paper on my nightstand, in case I had an important thought before I fell asleep. One time I woke up in the middle of the night from a particularly engrossing dream. This was the dream to end all dreams, and it was going to make a wonderful book, or short story, or screenplay. It was so good it could probably have been all three.

I reached for my pen and notepad, and wrote down the single sentence that I was sure would contain everything I needed to know to remember the details in all their vividness. In the morning, this is what I found on the pad.

Hair furt to noving at Noilly Pram

Go figure.

7. Writing and Art

A few weeks ago I visited an exhibit about the cave paintings at Lascaux, France. It was fascinating, and an affirmation that the human animal has had artistic tendencies for many thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of years.

I'm still thinking about it weeks later, and about the commonalities between artists and writers. Whether we are working with words or with pigments or pixels, there are often parallels in the process of creating and finishing works of art, or poetry, or prose.

See my blog post about the exhibit for more on the subject.

8. Random Statement

"I always inhale before I exhale.

Now I'd like to inspire before I expire."

Michael Sirois, April 2014


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9. Another Random Statement

This one's about writing"

“If sacrificing many for the one isn’t logical, but sacrificing one for the many is, why must we murder so many of our darlings?”

Michael Sirois

February 2015