Note to all the doubters. This is from an MRI scan of Michael's brain.
See, he actually does have one.

Random Stuff

This page will just be a collection of random thoughts or ideas. There won't be any particular theme or structure, and they might be about writing, or they might not. I never know what will happen, parce que je pense, donc je suis, et choses sortent de mon cerveau. In my terrible French, I believe that translates to something like "because I think, therefore I am, so things come out of my brain."

First Page of Thoughts

1. Stochastic Thoughts (anything could happen)

2. Cacoethes Scribendi (Even the ancient Romans were compelled to do it)

3. Hard facts for First Novelists (a chronology of a novel's creation from first words typed to final royalty check) Seriously?

4. Rules for Writing (Robert Heinlein had some and so do I)

5. On Getting Started (What John Steinbeck had to say)

Second Page of Thoughts

6. Nighttime Scribbles (words from the notepad on the nightstand)

7. Writing and Art (about the similarities in process)

7. A Random Statement (about breathing and inspiration)

7. Another Random Statement (about killing our darlings)