Current Stuff

My novel, The Jagged Man, is available for purchase at Amazon and elsewhere. It is a thriller which is set partly in the year 6151 BC, but mostly in 2005. Please check it out.

I have a few other projects on the back burner while I finish a non-fiction book, Aggravated: How a Lie Sent an Innocent Man to Prison. It's a book about my brother, Steve, and how he's serving a 35-year sentence for a crime he didn't commit.

If you want more detail about these or any of my other current projects, you can find them in the Current Stuff section.

Past & Future Stuff

My first completed novel, If a Butterfly, was finished in October 2012, but I prepped and published Jagged Man first. I'm hoping to have Butterfly published by early next year. It's about the inter-connectedness of nine different people and one butterfly.

Moving forward, I also have around 100,000 words drafted on a book that keeps wanting to expand beyond a single volume. It's about life choices and divergent paths. I'm hoping to do some more work on it sometime in the near future. Maybe I get to it after I finish the two mystery/thrillers which are also trying to get birthed.

Anything else I might say about these projects, or other things I've already written or might write, you'll find in the Past and Future Stuff section.

Random Stuff

I have a lot bouncing around in my head, and sometimes, as Hamlet said (Act 1, Scene 5), "Meet it is I set it down." The thoughts may or may not be worthwhile, but if I don't record them, I've found they have a tendency to disappear.

Click on the link to the Random Stuff section for stochastic thoughts and inconsequential ramblings about words or phrases I find interesting or puzzling or worthwhile.

Other Stuff

Writing is now my primary pastime, and my job, but I'm still interested in a number of other things. Some of my other interests and obligations are at least partially related to writing and others aren't, but I've tried to keep them contained to this section. That doesn't mean that my writing excludes these things. Au contraire, mon ami, my other interests often show up in the characters' lives in my novels.

The Other Stuff section is where you'll find brief glimpses of the other interests (travel, photography, etc.).